OPI Mod About Brights – Brights Power

Yap… I am back with new super bright color of OPI. OPI Mod About Brights – Brights Power B67.

This color I bought few years back because of my sandals which was orange in color. So I purposely bought this polish to suit my fashion only. Haha… That’s me… I love stricking colors… I love to wear those bright colors. And my review about this product is, it is best color. In only two coats, the color is already so bright. The orange is best if we see it in naked eyes, but once I tried to take a picture of my nails, it looks like red color. That’s why my cousin also mistaken it as red color when she saw it on my blackberry profile picture. But when I met her, she knew that it was orange. Hahaha…

Another comments from a bank receptionist, she said, “Miss, your nail looks stricking!” Haha… I just smile and say, “Yesssss.” Hahaa….

Overall I can say that this color is really bright color and nice for those who loves to be looked outstanding in the crowd.


OPI Muppets – Warm & Fozzie

Yay… I am back… This is my review about OPI Muppets – Warm & Fozzie.

When the first time I saw this color on google, I thought this color has two tones. Because the picture that I saw showing 2 tones colors of gold and silver. So I just order it for my own use. Because if the color is really two tones, then it will be great for going to some events I guess. So, I just try it on my nails. And my conclusion about it is, it is not two tones, and it is just mixture of glitter brown and a little bit of gold.. And if we just apply one layer of it to our nails, it will look like just glitter top coat. The glitter here is very soft. So here, I apply it 3 times and the result was still so soft. But because I don’t want it to be too dark (as I need to go to church), so I just apply it this way. But I think, it will be just perfect if we apply it for 4 layers. Overall, I still love it, because I love brown colors…

The pictures I saw on the website was not wrong because when I tried to take the picture of my nails, I also found it like two tones. But if I see it by naked eyes, it is just normal as what I said, not two tones.

Below pictures was taken just now with and without flash.

OPI South Beach – Miami Beet B78

This is the first time I think of writing just purely on polish colors without any nail art.

First, the color that I am using is OPI South Beach – Miami Beet B78. This is considered old collection of OPI, but I think the color is unbeatable color. Why I say so, because the color is just great and can be use anytime. I bought this 2 years back because my sis wanted it. And I am still using it until today.

3 pictures taken below was a bit blur because I am just using my normal mobile phone and only the last picture was taken by using camera.

The nail art on this polish will be posted soon under Nail Art Category.