Polishing-Suade Color Manicure

Suade Color is my favorite color. I love the texture of suade polishes. Every time I bought this type of polish, I will always end it up with giving it to someone else. And I always have no chance to have one and try it. Til the day I was having my own time in Bishan and happened to see one stall selling nail polish products. I can’t remember what is the brand but I love the colors, so I just bought 1. And I just tried it on my nail which I purposely keep it long. Amazingly, it is really nice… I love it so much…

Let me updates this post once I unpack my things and I will let you know what is the brand. I just remember that it is from Taiwan.

The top picture is taken with flash and the background is my cousin’s shirt. Hahaha… I found it just nice, so I just took a picture that way.

The bottom picture was taken without flash and the background is my valentine’s gift from my lovely boyfriend.


Polishing-Purple Glitter

Here is my latest practice on manicure. I’m using magnetic polish for the base and placing some glitter on top of it. You may ask me why I should use glitter which covering the magnetic effect? My reason is only one, I was using not good quality of polish whose result is not that good. But I love the color, so I just apply some glitter on top of it to make it looks nicer ^^

Yeah, and this is also my first time to shape my nail in pointed shape. Normally, as you all can see, I always shape my nails in square round shape. =) Just try a new shape anyway… ^^

Polishing-Pedicure (Brights Power)

Yay…. I’m back… But now with a little bit different… I do pedicure instead of manicure. Hehehe… I’m using OPI Mod About Brights – Brights Power B67 for my nails. Just normal polishing.

As normal, the above pict was taken without flash and the pict below was taken with flash.

Please give me your advice for my improvement. Thanks… ^^


Hey…. I am back… Here is my another try on gradation effect by using Zoya Nail Polish Erika ZP445 and also Glitter Nail Art Stripping Brush. Actually, this idea came out when I was doing Gel for my sister (the green color gel that I had posted Gel-AngelPro (Green)). Came to my mind, can I do gradation by using normal polish where I do not need to use gel? So I can say that this is my first experiment to do gradation effect by using normal polish….

The result is not bad. I took a picture of my nails. The top 2 picts are without flash and below 2 picts are with flash.

Okay, here I will just tell you the steps on how I get it done. First, I am applying OPI START TO FINISH as base coat. Then I am using the Zoya Nail Polish Erika ZP445. I choose this color is because of softness of its pink color.

In my mind, I think, the way to get the gradation effect is by using soft color at the cuticle area and to have darker color at the free edge. So I just use whatever pink color that I have at home. One layer of soft pink will do. After it dry, apply the glitter color start from the middle of the nail bed down to the free edge. Apply more glitter at the free edge, and just tap a thin layer of glitter closer to cuticle area. If you find that the glitter color at the free edge is too thin, wait for the first layer to dry, and just apply the second layer only at the area near to the free edge.

You must adjust the thickness of the color to get this gradation effect. But the basic concept is, to have thinner color at the cuticle area and have darker color near the free edge area. As simple as that.

Below I also include the picture of the products I use. This is my collection that I bought to do my homework and also to practice on my own nail.

You may contact me for details if you want to know more. Or please advice so I can improve myself ^^ Thanks…


This was done before I attended nail art school, I did it for Chinese New Year 2010. I just love nail polish and I did it to my mom, sisters, and cousins too. This color is by OPI of course, because I am OPI Lovers, OPI Classic – Mother Road Rose S65. This color is very nice, I bought it for my mom actually but at the end, I was the one used it  ^^ My friend who saw this color also wanted to buy it, but unluckily, I couldn’t find this color anymore. Maybe discontinued, I am not sure too.

As you all can see, I was not so good in polishing at that time, as there was still polish that was out of my cuticle line. But I just love coloring, so I just did it anyway. And will continue to do it…. hohoho…