Nail Art – Dry Marbleizing

Hallo… I am back with another simple type of nail art called dry marbleizing. I learned this type of nail art techniques when I was on my nail school. I can say that I love this type of art. First, it is simple to do. Second, it will produce unique type of art, I can say that it looks like abstract painting. The main thing is the mixture of the color. How you can mix the color to get it contrast. When my boyfriend saw my nails, he said, “maybe I can learn how to do nail. It looks simple, like doing abstract painting, just simply mix color.” Hahahaha….But it is true, just as simple as that. Here I am using 3 OPI Polishes; I46 Moon Over Mumbai, T02 Black Onyx, and L00 Alphine Snow.

I also did it to my mom’s nails but just different motif with different nail polishes too. I am using ZOYA Nail Polish as the base color i.e. Zoya Nail Polish Erika ZP445. For the motif, I am using OPI B78 Miami Beat and also L00 Alphine Snow.





Brights Power Simple Dots

After coming up with the swatch of OPI Mod About Brights – Brights Power B67, I added some art to my nails.

Just simple dotting art (I am using white color of OPI, which is the Alphine Snow L00 for the dots) to cover the chips of my nails because I need to do housework and whatever I do, wont last long due to water and hard touch on the surface of my nails. Anyway, I still love to take care of my nails and polish them… ^^

Below pictures are taken by using flash and also without flash.

Miami Beet with Simple Art

Yeah… I am back with my super simple nail art again. As always, I will always tell you all how I come out with this idea. This idea was popped out before I felt asleep. That night I can’t sleep, so I just started to think on what I am going to do tomorrow. So, I think of doing my nails again. N just think on what color to wear and what design to put. So this is the result. I was using OPI South Beach – Miami Beet B78 as the base color and for the nail art, I was using OPI L00 Alpine Snow with some glitter nail polish. For nail art, I was just using the sponge and dotting tools. Simple right.

2 Pictures below taken by using normal mobile phone, so the resolution was not that good. Anyway, those I am holding to are my mom’s hair clips. Hahaha…. Are the colors great right? Hohoho…

And this picture below was taken by using my camera after 3-4 days. And if you can see clearly, my left middle finger has already chipped off because I must do house works too… Hehehe…

Nail Art – Sponge Go Green

Nowadays, everything is related to go green… Save the earth, Go Green… That’s why I called this theme as Go Green…

The idea started when in coincidence, I bought fake MAC polishes. I do not know that they are fake. But anyway, I just used it for short-term and simple nail art. The base coat is still OPI, but the top is using the fake MAC polish. Anyway, the colors of these fake MAC polishes are not so bad. And to reduce the use of this polish, I use sponge technique where I think it won’t be using so much of polish. ^^

The big dot flowers were added in order to cover the nail art that I had done wrongly by using CONAD stamping tools. Hahaha…

Nail Art – Blue Dots

Home is the best place. And now I am home after few years I was overseas and now I am so happy that I can be home. Anyway, just to tell you all that this is my lovely mom’s nails. She is so lovely to let me decorate her nail. Hahaha…

Again, I am using dotting tools to decorate nails. Just place some dots on the nails and the deco is out. There is no specific steps, just up to us where we would like to place the dots. Simple but elegant I guess… ^^

Nail Art – Acrylic Cute Nail Design

This was my first try on designing by using acrylic. Acrylic design will be able to give 3d effect on the deco.

But to tell you the truth, by using acrylic as the deco of your nail, it will not last long. Acrylic will only be able to last longer in the rough surface and we all know that nail polish will never be able to give us rough surface. The best application of this acrylic deco is on acrylic overlay or gel overlay nail.

You can send me an email if you wanna know more about acrylic and gel. For this point of time, I am only be able to give you short explanation. But if you want to know the detail, you may contact me to learn how to do gel and acrylic overlay and also extension. (For this moment, course is only available in Jakarta only)

Nail Art – Black and White

Remember the song sang by Michael Jackson? Yeah, Black or White! This was the theme for my nail art. Hohoho…

I just used the stripping brush and also dotting tools to create the design. Because of the stripping brush has already spoiled, so the line was not neat and looks wavering. But overall I can say that it was not bad. Hahaha…

Nail Art – Red Dot Only

This is the simplest design that I believe everyone can do. Just using the dotting tools and start creating dots on your nails. I have run out of ideas what to do, so I just took my nail art dotting tools and just grabbed my red polish and started creating dots. Oh yeah, I also put on soft pink polish as the base color to make it not so plain. Simple but attractive. ^^