Gel-AngelPro (Red GEl)

Mom will always be my perfect friend. Again, mom let me do her nail. This time I did gel overlay on her nail. This was the first time she did gel manicure. Gel manicure takes longer time compared to normal polish manicure. But mom will never complaint on my slow work. She just sit patiently and let me do it until finish.

Again, I was using my best AngelPro collection. And I use red color because mom loves bright color.



Gel-AngelPro (French Gel-Red)

Here was my nails for Chinese New Year 2012. I have no time to post it as I was so busy with my work. Only now is able to post it. Chinese new year is always related to red colors, that’s the reason how this idea came up.

Again I am using AngelPro for my gel practice. I love this products because my hand is used to practice using this type or gel products. And its viscosity is just perfect for my hand to move…

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures taken as I am just using normal blackberry camera to take the pictures of my nails.




Gel-AngelPro (Candy Nail)

Here is another trial on my nail by using AngelPro – Korea Product. Actually this idea came out after I saw a magazine when I went to dentist. The magazine show a sky in the evening and the color is so nice. Orange to purple sky. Anyway, I had attached the picture here too.

But as seen here, the result is not as per the picture shown in magazine, but it looks more like candy. That’s why I called it “Candy Nail”. The sky is only reflected on my thumb. Hahaha… Whatever it is, I just call it colorful… ^^

Gel-AngelPro (Green)

My second try on gradation effect by using AngelPro. I did it for my sister. And this is quite challenging as she has cute nails. I said cute means she has small nail bed and also short nails. I managed to get her keep her nails long so I can do my practice on her. Hohoho….

On how to do it, I will post it out soon. Check it out ya…


This is my first time using gel on my nail. I love blue color, so the first color to use will be blue. Hohoho.

These four pictures actually taken from 1 same color. It might looks different, because I took it from different angle. Two on top are taken without flash, two below are taken with flash.

Product that I used is AngelPro. I bought one set of AngelPro products from my school and I just love it. I bought 4 gels, they are clear gel as the base and top coat, the white and pink for french color, and also the special gel for extension. I specially bought this extension gel for my sisters, because both of them have short cute nail =D Hohoho…The color gels are sold in a set of 14colors. And the set that I choose is the one which can be used for gradation. I love gradation because it looks elegant, we can use it anytime, anywhere, at any occasion. And I took this is also because of my cousins’ wedding and I am thinking of using the silver color for her special day. Will post it out once I have done it. Check it out ya!!