Fake Nail Tips – Bridal Prewedding Photo (MM)

This nail tips was done few months back for Merry Megawati, a friend of my brother. She was going to have her pre-wedding photograph session. So she is requesting me to do the nail tips for her. It is a challenge for me to do these tips due to her nails’ sizes. She has a super cute nails. And I must draw flowers by using acrylic. Anyway, I finished it well in few weeks. Creating the flowers was not an issue, but shaping the nail tips to fit her nail sizes was challenge and took longer time.

Picture below shows that rhinestone that I used was black color. I think it looks elegant in mixture of black, silver, and white. But she disagree with me. So I redo for her and the result is shown in second pictures.





Fake Nail Tips – Elegant (My Prewedding Nail)

This was my pre-wedding nail design. I did it 2days before my pre-wedding photo taking session. As I love blue color, so you all can see that I was using blue rhinestone and I combined it with blue and white acrylic balls and leaves’ design. And the other reason I used this combination was, I had to take pictures by wearing white, soft pink, and blue dress. So I though this would be suitable for all the dresses.