Sell – Angel Pro Gelly Polish

Hi guys…

It has been a long time that I never write anything about Nail. And now I am back with something different. I am going to offer you some new technology from nail which is known as Gel Polish. For some of you, maybe you said “why you said this is new technology while I heard it long time ago?” Yes, I said it new as it is really NEW here as in Indonesia. Not many people is using Gel Polish as the knowledge of Gel Polish is still not so boom yet.

Comparing Gel Polish and normal Nail Polish, I would prefer Gel Polish. I was an Engineer and now I am home maker. I need to deal with house cleaning, etc. My nail is now getting more and more weak as I often get contact with water. By using nail polish, do not care how great is my application, it will only last for a night (when I am not doing any cleaning anymore). That’s why I said I prefer Gel Polish. Gel Polish can last longer even if I must had many contact with water and do my house work.

Here, I’m offering you a great product of Gel Polish called Angel Pro Gelly Polish. Why Angel Pro Gelly Polish?

1. Angel Pro Gelly Polish’s colors could lasts weeks without losing shine, breaking, chipping or smudging.

2. It soaks off easily in 5-10 min without damage to your nails.

3. It contains none of the harming chemicals found in traditional Nail Enamel like Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP.

4. Curing time is fast. By using UV Lamp cure time will be 1-2 Minutes, 36 Watt UV Lamp; LED Lamp cure time is only 30 Seconds, 12 Watt LED Lamp.

5. Its capacity is 15 ml.

6. And the amazing part is, we can do/draw nail art on top of it for some of the Gel Polish product could not make it!!

Price: IDR290.000 per botol.

Please contact us for more information on the product and colors!

Angel Pro Gelly Polish

Angel Pro Gelly Polish

100 New Series of Angel Pro Gelly Polish

100 New Series of Angel Pro Gelly Polish

Step by Step bagaimana applikasi dari Angel Pro Gelly Polish

Application Step by Step



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