Nail Art – Dry Marbleizing

Hallo… I am back with another simple type of nail art called dry marbleizing. I learned this type of nail art techniques when I was on my nail school. I can say that I love this type of art. First, it is simple to do. Second, it will produce unique type of art, I can say that it looks like abstract painting. The main thing is the mixture of the color. How you can mix the color to get it contrast. When my boyfriend saw my nails, he said, “maybe I can learn how to do nail. It looks simple, like doing abstract painting, just simply mix color.” Hahahaha….But it is true, just as simple as that. Here I am using 3 OPI Polishes; I46 Moon Over Mumbai, T02 Black Onyx, and L00 Alphine Snow.

I also did it to my mom’s nails but just different motif with different nail polishes too. I am using ZOYA Nail Polish as the base color i.e. Zoya Nail Polish Erika ZP445. For the motif, I am using OPI B78 Miami Beat and also L00 Alphine Snow.




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