OPI Mod About Brights – Brights Power

Yap… I am back with new super bright color of OPI. OPI Mod About Brights – Brights Power B67.

This color I bought few years back because of my sandals which was orange in color. So I purposely bought this polish to suit my fashion only. Haha… That’s me… I love stricking colors… I love to wear those bright colors. And my review about this product is, it is best color. In only two coats, the color is already so bright. The orange is best if we see it in naked eyes, but once I tried to take a picture of my nails, it looks like red color. That’s why my cousin also mistaken it as red color when she saw it on my blackberry profile picture. But when I met her, she knew that it was orange. Hahaha…

Another comments from a bank receptionist, she said, “Miss, your nail looks stricking!” Haha… I just smile and say, “Yesssss.” Hahaa….

Overall I can say that this color is really bright color and nice for those who loves to be looked outstanding in the crowd.


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