Miami Beet with Simple Art

Yeah… I am back with my super simple nail art again. As always, I will always tell you all how I come out with this idea. This idea was popped out before I felt asleep. That night I can’t sleep, so I just started to think on what I am going to do tomorrow. So, I think of doing my nails again. N just think on what color to wear and what design to put. So this is the result. I was using OPI South Beach – Miami Beet B78 as the base color and for the nail art, I was using OPI L00 Alpine Snow with some glitter nail polish. For nail art, I was just using the sponge and dotting tools. Simple right.

2 Pictures below taken by using normal mobile phone, so the resolution was not that good. Anyway, those I am holding to are my mom’s hair clips. Hahaha…. Are the colors great right? Hohoho…

And this picture below was taken by using my camera after 3-4 days. And if you can see clearly, my left middle finger has already chipped off because I must do house works too… Hehehe…

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