Polishing-Suade Color Manicure

Suade Color is my favorite color. I love the texture of suade polishes. Every time I bought this type of polish, I will always end it up with giving it to someone else. And I always have no chance to have one and try it. Til the day I was having my own time in Bishan and happened to see one stall selling nail polish products. I can’t remember what is the brand but I love the colors, so I just bought 1. And I just tried it on my nail which I purposely keep it long. Amazingly, it is really nice… I love it so much…

Let me updates this post once I unpack my things and I will let you know what is the brand. I just remember that it is from Taiwan.

The top picture is taken with flash and the background is my cousin’s shirt. Hahaha… I found it just nice, so I just took a picture that way.

The bottom picture was taken without flash and the background is my valentine’s gift from my lovely boyfriend.


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