This is my first time using gel on my nail. I love blue color, so the first color to use will be blue. Hohoho.

These four pictures actually taken from 1 same color. It might looks different, because I took it from different angle. Two on top are taken without flash, two below are taken with flash.

Product that I used is AngelPro. I bought one set of AngelPro products from my school and I just love it. I bought 4 gels, they are clear gel as the base and top coat, the white and pink for french color, and also the special gel for extension. I specially bought this extension gel for my sisters, because both of them have short cute nail =D Hohoho…The color gels are sold in a set of 14colors. And the set that I choose is the one which can be used for gradation. I love gradation because it looks elegant, we can use it anytime, anywhere, at any occasion. And I took this is also because of my cousins’ wedding and I am thinking of using the silver color for her special day. Will post it out once I have done it. Check it out ya!!


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